With the fund raised from the Liberty Walk and generous donations by the Members,
the Foundation had the privilege of supporting 7 elementary school libraries in 7 States
this year. It is a good start but only a start. Let’s do 10 more, 20 more next year.


Are we facing another war?
What are we willing to give up in order to avoid it?
How many concessions are too many?
Is history repeating itself?
Our collective memory of the Korean War and why it was important is fading. Yet parallels exist between the forces that gave rise to the conflict and the events of today, making knowledge of the War more relevant than ever.

625 Foundation to promote renewed study of the Korean War, and to ensure that the hard-fought lessons learned by its generation are not lost on future ones. We will begin with the people and communities directly impacted by the conflict: We will hear from the men and women who experienced the War about why they fought, and what they lived through. We will document visits to towns and cities that have erected memorials to the War, in America, South Korea, and other countries that had a stake in its outcome. We will use existing reference material to give context to our fieldwork.

With the resources gathered by the Foundation, we believe the general public will be better informed and positioned to consider the future of the Korean peninsula.

6.25 Foundation will honor the fallen soldiers by setting up scholarships in their names and natural disaster rescue activities

Please fill out the form to provide us with your school information and the soldier you wish to honor.


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