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Hororing Pfc. Kenneth Shadrick

July 5, 1950


First U.S. fatality in the Korean War

Near Sojong, South Korea, Private Kenneth Shadrick, a 19-year-old infantryman from Harlan, Kentucky, becomes the first American reported killed in the Korean War. Shadrick, a member of a bazooka squad, had just fired the weapon at a Soviet-made tank when he looked up to check his aim and was cut down by enemy machine-gun fire.

Lt. Calla Virginia Goodwin

Master Sergeant John Ollin Herring

This Holiday Season
We honor Lt. Calla Virginia Goodwin and Master Sergeant John Ollin Herring
who gave his life in the Battle of The Chosin Reservoir

올해의 6.25 걷기는 아래의 여러분에게 받칩니다.

  • 리차드 L. 볼로냐니 상병, 1952 8 18 전사
  • 토마스 W. 리빙스톤 주니어 소위, 1952 9 22 전사
  •  24 흑인 보병 연대 

Covid-19 사태로 인해, 걷기는 개별적으로 진행됩니다. 걷기에 동참하시려면각각의 거주지에서 1~10 마일을 걸으면 됩니다. 전쟁이 시작된지 70 주년으로70 마일을 목표하였고, 현재 4 개국에서 통합 75 마일이 약속되었습니다.

친구들이 걸은 거리만큼의 후원금과 성열의 “뽈레 뽈레” 시집의 판매 수입금은 전액 버몬트주 베닝튼 카운티 리즈보로의 볼로냐니 상병 기념 장학금으로 쓰입니다.

가수 죤 프라인의 노래 구절중에

“한국 전쟁에서 Davy를 잃었습니다.

그리고 나는 아직도 무엇을 알지 못합니다.

더 이상 상관 없습니다 “

그러나 아니, 의미가 있습니다. 625 재단의 우리들은 그들의 희생이 잊혀지지 않도록 열심히 노력합니다. 그 땅의 자유, 평등, 민주주의는 그들의 값진 희생의 댓가임을 기억해야됩니다. 그리고 공산주의의 기세는 아직도 위협이 되고있는 점을 전세계 자유시민들이 알아야만 합니다.

 분들의 걸어온 길은 다를지 몰라도 함께 뭉쳐 성취한 자유평등민주입니다


6월 25일 걷기를 위해 현재의 75 마일에 보태어 참가 하시려면 알려주십시오.


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Are we facing another war?
What are we willing to give up in order to avoid it?
How many concessions are too many?
Is history repeating itself?

Our collective memory of the Korean War and why it was important is fading. Yet parallels exist between the forces that gave rise to the conflict and the events of today, making knowledge of the War more relevant than ever.

625 Foundation to promote renewed study of the Korean War, and to ensure that the hard-fought lessons learned by its generation are not lost on future ones. We will begin with the people and communities directly impacted by the conflict: We will hear from the men and women who experienced the War about why they fought, and what they lived through. We will document visits to towns and cities that have erected memorials to the War, in America, South Korea, and other countries that had a stake in its outcome. We will use existing reference material to give context to our fieldwork.

With the resources gathered by the Foundation, we believe the general public will be better informed and positioned to consider the future of the Korean peninsula.




6.25 Foundation will honor the fallen soldiers by setting up scholarships in their names and natural disaster rescue activities

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