3 Soldiers of Brackettville Reading Space 

PVT Manuel Martinez Jr
Born September 22, 1932, Killed In Action
November 22, 1951
17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division
Battle of the Hill 355
PFC Adolph R Kartes
Born December 29, 1929, Killed In Action May 8,
224th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division
Battle of the Kumhwa
MSG Ben Thompson
Born 1917, Killed In Action September 14, 1950
9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Battle of the Naktong Bulge
3 soldiers of Brackettville, Texas gave all in 1950, in 1951, and in 1952 in various battles to protect the
freedom and democracy of South Korea, and the people of South Korea from total annihilation by the
Communists. With deep gratitude and admiration, 6.25 Foundation presents a donation of $5,033.00 for
the Jones Elementary School Children’s Library to be known as 3 Soldiers of Brackettville Reading Space
We thank Superintendent Mrs. Eliza Diaz for making this possible.
We thank you Private Martinez, Private Kartes, and Master Sergeant Thompson. You are fondly
remembered in the hearts of all grateful South Korean people.
Rest in peace.
November 3, 2022