Join Liberty Walkers around the world for our 5th Annual Liberty Walk

6.25 Foundation’s annual fundraiser honors the soldiers who gave the ultimate
sacrifice in the Korean War. Money raised by the walk will fund two initiatives:
School Library Project Library expansions dedicated to a local Korean War soldier
One-Hot-Meal Nutritious school lunches for children in under-served districts


1. Print out the Liberty Walk Pledge Form. Ask your family, friends, neighbors, and community members to sponsor you.
2. Register your planned walk on the 6.25 Foundation website.
3. Get ready to walk! Many participants do their Walks on June 25, the anniversary of the Korean War. But you
can complete yours on any day, between March and July, depending on your area’s climate. Walk for as many
miles as you can! Don’t forget to plan your route in advance and keep track of your distance.
4. After the walk, calculate the donation amounts for each of your sponsors. Ask them to send their donations to
the 6.25 Foundation, either by check mailed to the address below, or through the “Donate” page on the website.


The Liberty Walk is a fundraiser for your own school! All money raised by students
should support the dedicated library and related programming. Sponsors should direct donations to your school

Individual Challenge NEW FOR 2023

Who will walk the most miles or raise
the most money? 6.25 Foundation will
make special mentions of these
individuals on our website and
newsletter! Be sure to register online

School Challenge NEW FOR 2023

Can your school walk the most miles? How much of
your student body can you rally to walk? 6.25
Foundation will donate $1000 to the school with the
highest participation rate and the school with the
most cumulative miles walked!